I'm an analyst, software tester, solutions lead, and challenge decimator.

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Timeline of Work Experience

Grant Street Group (Remote)

Business Analyst, Release Manager, and API Testing Specialist, PaymentExpress

2019 - Present
I am a business analyst and release manager with Grant Street Group, with expertise in API testing.
  • Prioritizes work for developers in balance the best interests of our product and our clients in the long term.
  • Created innovative API testing collections in Postman with an automated testing solution using Jenkins and Newman.
  • Release manager across two different products.
  • Functional and regression testing lead: creating comprehensive test plans for new features and maintenance changesets.
Verizon in Greenville, SC

Senior Analyst and Developer in the National Command Center

2017 - 2019
Web developer for historical and real-time Aceyus business data dashboards, reviewed KPIs and other aspects for call centers to determine where analysts needed to dive in to keep the business efficient and successful.
  • Project lead on multiple development projects. Managed projects to ensure deliverables and milestones were met on time. Provided consistent stakeholder communication. Worked with leadership to determine best solutions within given timeframe and resources.
  • SQL stored procedure developer and creator of SSIS packages, ETL, and adhoc data analysis with Microsoft and Teradata databases.
  • User acceptance testing lead on the team; created documentation and processes that applied to all team projects and ensured thorough UX testing of features and experience.
  • Onboarded new developers; created comprehensive training documentation that reduced transition time by weeks per employee.

Recognition: 2018 Q1 and Q2 Legends Finalist, selected for being a leader in the business and providing high value to teams and projects
Verizon in Greenville, SC

Web Tech Analyst and Developer, Headquarters Customer Service Knowledge Management

2014 - 2017
Assisted the HQ CS KM team in maintaining and creating tools for frontline support employees.
  • Support lead for enterprise knowledge base software, working with an external vendor to drive improvements and repair issues while communicating with stakeholders on progress.
  • Created a custom service tester to check data integrity on calls, which made it possible for non-technical team members to test all of application services quickly and easily
  • Developed and tested IBM iLog rules for multiple in-house enterprise applications
  • Lead UAT tester for tools developed or maintained by the team.
  • Documented processes through Word and Excel.
  • Developed SharePoint sites: added custom JS to modify site capabilities, created workflows to manage item status, calculations, and emails.

Recognition: Graduated 2015 PreLeadership Program, enrolled due to management potential and high performance
Verizon in Greenville, SC

Technical Analyst, Wireless Network Response Team within Technical Support

2012 - 2014
Reviewed and responded to Tier III technical support tickets initially, then became the Lead Reporting Analyst and Team Point-of-Contact after demonstrating thorough work ethic, innovative problem solving, and drive to resolve issues and support my team.
  • Developed tools for local technical support floor through front-end development, such as a web tool that served up technical information from an MS Access database backend.
Verizon in Greenville, SC

Tech Coordinator, Technical Support

2010 - 2012
Provided industry-leading technical support with proficiency in network, device, and symptomatic troubleshooting.
  • Created troubleshooting documentation for my teams’ difficult scenarios.
  • Worked with center leadership on special projects to resolve process inefficiencies at both a high-level view and in the technical trenches, providing comprehensive documentation on recommended changes.

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