Thesis Hunter Troubleshooting Guide

If the following steps don't help you, please e-mail me at!

  1. Do you have Flash installed?
    The main window will look totally black, or white, or you won't see a game at all, depending on your browser.
    You may have been prompted to update now, or go to the Flash website.  Please go there to check that your Flash Player is up to date.

  2. Do you have Java installed?
    The window below has a small box with a red X within it, or appears white.
    Please go to the Java site to check that you are up-to-date.

  3. Have you marked the Thesis Hunter site as safe for ActiveX?
    A thin bar will appear at the top of the site, prompting you for a response.
    Please allow ActiveX content if you wish to play this game.  Restarting your browser after doing so is necessary.

  4. Have you installed the JSyn plugin?
    The smaller window below still appears white although you have verified that your Java installation is up-to-date.
    Please go to the JSyn site to install the plugin.

  5. Still not working?
    Please clear your cache and fully close the browser.
    When you are certain that the browser's system process has been fully unloaded (verify in Task Manager), go to the Thesis Hunter game page again.

  6. STILL not working?!
    You've come across something that the developer hasn't, so please e-mail her at with the details of your dilemma and which steps you attempted so she can sort this out.

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